White Thunderbird Bass

White Thunderbird Bass

The Thunderbird IV was first introduced in 1963 and instantly became one of rock’s most recognizable bass guitar designs. For almost five decades, the Thunderbird has powered artists as varied as Nikki Sixx, The Who, Kings of Leon, Cheap Trick, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steely Dan and The Silversun Pickups. Turn on your radio and you’ll hear a Thunderbird bass. Now, Epiphone takes all the vintage mojo of the original Thunderbird IV and sends it flying into the future with Gibson TB Plus humbuckers with ceramic magnets and all the ’Bird’s original styling and features intact.

The 2014 gibson thunderbird was one of the most radical designs to come out of the Gibson and Epiphone Kalamazoo factory in the early ’60s, thanks to legendary automotive designer Ray Dietrich, who was asked to put a new twist on solidbody guitars and basses. The sound of the Thunderbird IV was as cutting edge as its design and now the Thunderbird Classic-IV PRO returns with all of Epiphone’s first-class quality and a lifetime guarantee, but without the hassles of owning (or hiding) a vintage instrument. Case sold separately.

First off this gibson thunderbird vintage sunburst a GIbson Thunderbird, there are 2 differences, one being the neck through is 7 ply whereas the GIbson is 9 ply, and the second being that it has an Epiphone truss rod cover instead of a GIbson one. Same pickups (USA Gibson ‘buckers”) and everything else…at 1/3 the price. Classic sound, classic looks, I got the Vintage Burst and it is HOT. One thing to note for you tall bassists, I am 6’2”…you will need a very very long strap for this beast as the strap buttons are placed so that it requires it, unless of course you like to play with your bass under your armpits, then you will be ok, I found that a 60″ strap was way too short. Get this bass before it goes away, you wont be sorry. Oh, one last thing, don’t believe the whole “neck dive” thing, this ‘bird is nicely balanced and plays very comfortably

I recently bought this gibson thunderbird reverse for touring because I wanted to have a relatively cheap bass that I wouldn’t worry about getting messed up. Unfortunately for me, I was not expecting such a high quality instrument. This bass is incredible, the Gibson TB plus pickups are incredibly responsive (barely have to turn up the volume on my amp to be heard over drums), the finish (vintage sunburst) is beautiful and has a finish very similar to a Casino, the neck is slim and fast, very easy to play, and it is surprisingly light for its size. There are only two small issues with this bass worth noting. 1.) The string spacing is smaller than most basses and takes a while to get used to. 2.) The bass comes with a plastic nut like most Epiphones and will need replaced if you really want it to reach its true potential. I’m still giving this bass 5 stars because you get much more than what you pay for and the issues are easily overcome/fixed. If you’re looking for a affordable, visually striking, reliable bass, this is it. Buy it
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Gibson Thunderbird White

gibson thunderbird white

While the original gibson thunderbird 5 made its debut in the 60s, it has found its way into the hands of famous guitar players from all walks of life since then, including Johnny Winter and Roxy Music’s Phil Manzanera. The 2010 updates the original Firebird, with the “though-body” neck design and hawk’s head headstock and turns up the volume an extra notch with newly-added mini-humbuckers. Also equipped with Steinberger gearless tuners, this one-of-a-kind guitar brings plenty of classic tone and vintage looks to the table.

Gibson guitars have been around for well over a century. When guitarists are looking for an outstanding combination of superb tone and playability along with great looks and gorgeous finishes, the choice for most of those 100 plus years has been Gibson. From their amazing collection of fine acoustics to the electric guitars that literally rewrote music history, Gibson guitars have been on almost every chart-topping album from artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cream and Led Zeppelin.

These “first call” instruments of vintage gibson thunderbird also cross an enormous array of diverse styles, from folk and country to blues and hard rock. With that resume, it’s not surprising that so many of Gibson’s best-selling instruments have changed little over the decades. Because there’s just no sense in messing with a good thing!

The Thunderbird’s unique “reversed” zig-zag body design and equally distinct headstock was the brainchild of legendary automotive designer and visionary Ray Dietrich, enlisted by Gibson to bolster the guitar lines of the early ’60s and help solidify the company’s eminent rank among solidbody electric guitar manufacturers.Today’s Thunderbird IV—with its huge, thunderous sound—is still a benchmark of innovation, functionality, and style, and continues to symbolize Gibson’s drive to achieve creative excellence. The 2014 model features solid mahogany body and wings, 9-ply multi laminate mahogany/walnut neck, rosewood fingerboard with the extra-special 120th anniversary banner on the 12th fret, max grip speed knobs, extra large strap button, graph tech nut, 34″ scale, T-Bird Plus pickups, black chrome hardware and 3-point adjustable bridge. Mahogany wings 9-ply multi laminate neck thru mahogany/walnut neck Rosewood fingerboard with 120th anniversary banner 34” scale Electronics: T-Bird Plus pickups Black Chrome hardware 3-Point adjustable bridge

Classic White Finish
Mahogany Body
Mahogany and Walnut Neck
Rosewood Fretboard
24.75″ Scale Length
12″ Fretboard Radius
1.695″ Nut Width
22 Frets
495R Neck Pickup
495T Bridge Pickup
Two Volume, Two Tone Controls
Tune-O-Matic Bridge
Steinberger Gearless Tuners
Corian Nut
Chrome Hardware