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White Gibson Thunderbird Bass

White Thunderbird Bass

Derived from the White Gibson Thunderbird Bass  guitar line introduced back in 1963, the Thunderbird bass has always presented a hot alternative to the standard four-stringed options on stage and in the studio. The Thunderbird IV Bass from Gibson USA packs two of Gibson’s most powerful bass pickups, premium tonewoods, advanced hardware and through-neck construction for the ultimate in tone and sustain, wrapping it all in a look that remains thoroughly radical nearly 50 years after it first hit the scene. A full-size bass with a scale length of 34″ and the supreme playability you have come to expect from Gibson, this is a serious machine to hold down the bottom end for rock, metal, blues, fusion or whatever you want ram it into. On top of all that, it looks great in a high-gloss cherry finish, in genuine nitrocellulose lacquer, with a white pickguard with Thunderbird graphic.

The core of the Thunderbird IV Bass lies in its “through neck” construction, with the neck and body core crafted from the same rugged nine-piece, Grade-A mahogany and walnut tonewood blank for unparalleled strength and sustain. It takes more work to build a bass in this manner, but the effort pays off in every aspect of the instrument’s feel and response. Two solid, Grade-A mahogany body wings complete the iconic Thunderbird package, which cuts a figure recognized on stages the world over. The neck is carved to a comfortably rounded profile that measures .790″ at the 1st fret and .930″ at the 12th, with a width of 1.5″ at the nut. It is topped with a 20-fret fingerboard made from baked maple, whose tonal characteristics include good sustain with plenty of bite.

Strings are anchored at the body end by a rock-solid three-point Thunderbird bridge with individually adjustable saddles, and high-quality Grover tuners at the headstock, all plated in black to match the rockin’ look of this bass. All this tonal goodness is cranked through a pair of contemporary Thunderbird Plus Bass pickups, with ceramic magnets for enhanced punch and clarity, giving the Thunderbird IV Bass the power to roll out the rumble like no other bass out there. Individual volume controls and a master tone control allow you to blend pickups as desired for a wide range of tones. Add it up, and it’s a great-looking, smooth-playing and fierce-sounding four-string—a stunning alternative to the run-of-the-mill basses in the game.

Check one out today at your authorized Gibson dealer, and see what that alternative rumble can do for your music. Each Thunderbird IV Bass includes a Gibson hardshell case and owner’s manual, and is covered by Gibson’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 Customer Service.

Nikki Sixx Thunderbird Bass

Nikki Sixx Thunderbird Bass

Handcrafted in China (but don’t let that put you off), it’s got 20 frets with a scale of 34 inches. The body is a thunderbird style which is most prefered by Nikki Sixx. The body of Nikki Sixx Thunderbird Bass  is made of Mahogany wood and the neck Hard Maple with a Rosewood fingerboard with Iron cross inlays. Two DeepSIXX humbuckers, with a killswitch, which is the only control on the bass. No volume control, no tone controls, no pickups Switch, just one kill switch. It’s also got an Opti-Grab thing which is used for keeping the bass balanced whilst playing. The bass came with a case and a leather DSL strap. There aren’t many features but this allows for the raw ballsy tone which this bass possesses.

Sound: This bass is built for rock n’ roll. If your looking to play anything else then you better off getting another bass. It has a very ballsy raw deep sound which is meant for the rock n’ roll sound, due to the DeepSIXX pickups which were designed by the preferences of Nikki Sixx. It is incredibly loud compared to any other bass due to the killswitch only control which sends it from zero to full blast with a flick of a Switch. The thing which is a negative about this bass is the lack of versatility. But if you want that fixed sound which is perfect for rock n’ roll then look no further.

This guitar is very solid. Everything on it seems it would last a lifetime. I think it would withstand heavy live playing. The only is that it tends to neck dive quite easily which is a real let down. It is extrememly neck heavy which is due to the strap buttons being place in the wrong position. I will fix that later on. I would depend on this any day without a backup, it is just such a solid guitar. The finish is quite nice, it feels good and looks good to. The matte finish feels like it would last quite a while compared to most other matte finish while feel very brittle.

The bass is made for my style of music, pure ROCK N’ ROLL! I don’t really play any other style so it doesn’t bother me with the lack of versatility. I know others will bagg this bass out for not having the versatility but I don’t really want anything more, this bass is perfect for me for the price. I just wish that this bass didn’t neck dive as its really uncomfortable to play at times but its just something I’m just going to have to get use to. I really love the sound of the pickups, they just sound so great for my style and I also really like the look of it, it’s just got the “Looks That Kill”.

Thunderbird Bass For Sale


Power, Tone, and Soaring of Thunderbird Bass For Sale Looks! The 2014 Thunderbird Bass is the roaring four-string partner to the Firebird guitar line introduced in 1963, and its soaring looks, thundering tone, and solid, full scale playability make this an exceptional value in a handcrafted, made-in-America bass. Vintage SunburstView larger 2014 Available FinishesView larger Body and neck The core of the 2014 Thunderbird Bass lies in its “through neck” construction, with the neck and central body section fashioned from the same rugged nine-ply mahogany and walnut tonewood blank for unparalleled strength and sustain. Two solid mahogany body wings complete the distinctive Thunderbird look. This full-scale 34” bass features a rosewood fingerboard that carries 20 jumbo frets, acrylic pearl dot inlays, and a 120th Anniversary banner inlay at the 12th fret. Pickups and electronics The firm sonic foundation of the Thunderbird Bass cranks through a pair of superbly versatile contemporary T-Bird Plus bass pickups, with ceramic magnets for enhanced punch and clarity. Individual volume controls and a master tone control let you blend the pickups for a wide range of sounds.

Hardware A three-point T-Bird bridge in black chrome provides a rock-solid anchor at the body end for maximum resonance and sustain, with black chrome tuners at the stylish four-in-line headstock. A white pickguard with Thunderbird graphic, black truss-rod cover with Gibson logo, and black top-hat knobs with silver inserts complete the package.

Protective Case The 2014 Thunderbird Bass comes protected in a vintage-brown Gibson hardshell case, includes a truss-rod wrench and owner’s manual. About Gibson USA Gibson USA continues the tradition of innovation, premium quality, and made-in-America hand-craftsmanship that started in 1894. Although their flagship Les Paul is the most iconic guitar in history, other innovative guitars and basses have become standards in their own right—like the SG, Explorer, Flying V, and Firebird. Gibson instruments are truly “American made, world played. ” Thunderbird Bass at a Glance 34”-scale-length bassDelivers anything from mellow jazz lines to rumbling rockTwo mighty T-Bird Plus bass pickupsRock-solid three-point adjustable bridge120th Anniversary banner inlay at the 12th fret

Gibson USA continues to raise the bar of Quality, Prestige and Innovation with the new line up of 2015 guitars. All Gibson USA guitars except for the Les Paul Supreme, Firebird and Derek Trucks SG will ship with the G-Force tuning system. Among many of the added features is the new Zero Fret Nut which is a patented applied for nut that has adjustable action capabilities. The new Tune-O-Matic Bridge features a hex wrench adjustment on thumbscrews for easy action adjustments. All guitars receive a professional set up with accurate intonation, and a new PLEK program with 27% lower fret wire.



Thunderbird Bass Players

Thunderbird Bass PlayersLaunched in 1963, the Thunderbird Bass Players  has long been a favourite of bass players looking for something a little bit different thanks to its outlandish shape and through-neck build. The likes of Nikki Sixx, Duff McKagan and Krist Novoselic have all favoured the bassy beast over the years, and in recognition of its mighty low-end prowess, Gibson’s 50th Anniversary model is finished in Bullion Gold.

As the fierce four-string partner to the Firebird guitar line introduced in 1963, the Thunderbird bass has long been a stylish alternative—both onstage and in the studio—for adventurous bassists, Now Gibson USA celebrates the Golden Anniversary of this raging tone monster with a stunning tribute to the breed: the 50th Anniversary Thunderbird Bass.

Thunderbird style, “through-neck” construction, a pair of mighty T-Bird Bass pickups and a rock-solid Thunderbird three-point bridge make the 50th Anniversary Thunderbird Bass the most playable and best-sounding bass on the scene. This commemorative bass wears a gorgeous Bullion Gold finish in high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer, and a pick guard that’s hot-stamped with a gold T-Bird logo and “50th Anniversary 1963-2013.” Add it up, and it’s both a fitting tribute to a special anniversary, and a thunderous way to lay down the rumble in any style of music.

The core of this exceptional bass lies in its “through neck” construction, with the neck and body core crafted from the same rugged multi-ply mahogany tone wood blank for unparalleled strength and sustain. It takes more work to build a bass this way, but the effort pays off in every aspect of the instrument’s feel and response. Two solid mahogany body wings complete the iconic Thunderbird package, which cuts a figure recognized on stages the world over. The neck is carved to a comfortably rounded profile that measures 0.790″ at the 1st fret and 0.930″ at the 12th. It is topped with a 20-fret fingerboard made from Grade-A rosewood, inlaid with pearlod dot position markers.

The firm sonic foundation of the 50th Anniversary Thunderbird Bass is cranked through a pair of extremely versatile contemporary T-Bird Bass pickups, with ceramic magnets for enhanced punch and clarity. Individual volume controls and a master tone control let you blend pickups as desired for a wide range of sounds.

Strings are anchored at the body end by a rock-solid three-point Thunderbird bridge with individually adjustable saddles, and high-quality Grover tuners at the headstock—all gold-plated to match the commemorative look of the 50th Anniversary Thunderbird Bass. Its black plastic pickguard is hot-stamped in gold with the Thunderbird image and anniversary years.


Thunderbird Bass Review

Thunderbird Bass Review

I ordered my bag about four days ago and it arrived yesterday morning. It appears to be exactly as advertised and in quality and construction very similar to Roadrunner gig bags that I’ve bought from Guitar Center. Zippers and seams appear durable, or at least as durable as you should expect from a soft gig bag. Not a whole lot of padding but enough to protect your Tbird from basic wear and tear. Of course if you’re not going to be careful with your equipment and really want some protection you should be purchasing the hardshell of Thunderbird Bass Review case.

On the other hand if you’re looking for a reasonably priced gigbag you’ve found the right product. It is available at a very reasonable price, is comparable to other gigbags on the market (No worst than the Roadrunner gigbag I have for my Yamaha), and will likely arrive promptly. The two zipper compartments on the front of the bag are nice, plenty big enough for a few accessories (a couple guitar cables and my Snark pedal fit without any problems), and I’m confident that the shoulder straps on the back of the bag will remain securely attached (they appear sturdy). Assuming there are no technical malfunctions this product (especially considering the pricing and alternatives) is definitely a five star. I’ll be sure to update my review and change ratings if I have any technical issues in the coming weeks.

I bought this bass second hand but it wasn’t really used that much, it was almost new. The bass was made in China, I don’t know the year. It’s a Thunderbird style bass. It has alder body, 34 inch scale length, maple set neck with rosewood fretboard, 20 frets, two passive humbucker pickups, two volume controls and one tone control. The bridge doesn’t look similar to Gibson/Epiphone Thunderbird bridge, but that might be a good thing because I have heard that people don’t like Gibson Thunderbird bridges. I like the way it looks, mine is black which I prefer to sunburst (which is the other available finish).

Featurewise it has all that I need. The only thing I would consider as a downside is the neck heaviness. You’ll get used to it though. Also the neck is pretty big, fat and wide compared to other basses I have tried. It might feel a bit different to play. I don’t consider it as a good or bad thing. I find it easy to play, though slapping on this bass seems harder. I think the neck feels better than my friend’s Squier VM Precision and the Ibanezes (SR300 and GSR200) we have at our school.

Tokai Thunderbird Bass

Tokai Thunderbird Bass

I checked out the gibson thunderbird ราคา but being realistic look at the price! Im on the road four nights a week but I am not made of money. The Tokai is imho as good and represents good value for money.I would definately buy another should it be stolen.I think a case should be included in the price though as it wont fit conventional cases/gig bags. Worth mentioning is the ‘coolness’ factor of this bass.I feel good on stage with the shape and sound of it, its a complete package that gets you noticed! Ive had loads of nice comments. Buy one now you wont be disappointed!

Rare Tokai Thunderbird Bass Love Rock Thunderbird Bass Set Neck. Rosewood Fingerboard. 2 PAF Vintage MKII pickups. Tokai Guitars are notoriously known for their superb quality, construction, great tone and a fair sticker price. One owner with new Gig Bag.This is a very wonderful Bass. Not a high dollar piece, but a superb piece for the fair money. Actually, a super Bass for the money…!! Not a lot of these floating around. It is in excellent condition! So check out the close up pics. She does plays like a dream and sounds pretty darn good..! The frets and action are great. She’s in a real honest great condition.

No repairs. She weighs in at 9 pounds. I would say she’s darn near a 10 condition…!!! It comes with the real nice gigbag. She plays real good and sounds real darn good…!! Plain and straight up, she’s a real nice sounding Tokai Bass in this condition and is built like a brick S/H, and that’s a fact…!!! Call for a hands on description.Please note, we have a three day return policy on this item. Please contact us for all “INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES.” We prefer personal/corporate checks, C/C’s, M.O.’s, certified checks, bank wire transfers, but take all forms of payment.

Non Reverse Thunderbird Bass

non reverse thunderbird bass

In excellent used condition. (see pics) The Non Reverse Thunderbird Bass  guitar has a few minor scratches and some small dings and chips front and back but overall nothing major. The back of the neck has a couple of minor dings but nothing noticeable when played and the headstock has a few small marks. The neck strappeg has been moved and the original screwhole has been filled. The original hardware has some tarnishing to the bridge and tailpiece but is in excellent order and working fine. The electrics are fine and the pickups are original. The fretboard is clean and the frets are showing minimal wear. Its playing fine nicely and includes an original gigbag.

It weighs just over 8 kilos packed properly so can be sent from Japan by EMS express registered airmail (3-4 days), SAL (2-3 weeks) or Sea freight (6-8 weeks). As there is obviously a difference in price Buyer can decide which. Rates are below or feel free to email for confirmation.

Payment must be received in 7 days, or Buyer Must notify Seller to make other arrangements via Email or negative feedback will be left and item be relisted.Negative or Zero feedback bidders please contact me first or your bid will be withdrawn.Items are shipped via Japan Post Office from Japan. Customers are responsible for all applicable taxes, customs and duties associated with importing the item(s), this is in addition to the delivery charge.If anyone requires a particular photo please ask and it will be taken and posted with the other,In very good used condition. (see pics) This guitar weighs 4.20 kilos and is from 1988 based on the serial number C880332

The guitar has some small scratches on the front and a few dings and chips on the back but nothing major other than a crack at the back along the side of the pot cavity – it has been glued and isn’t loose but is there. The back of the neck is clean with a couple of tiny scratches as is the headstock. The original hardware is in excellent order and working fine – there is some wear to the finish on the bridge and the knobs are all different sizes. The electrics are good and the pickups are original. The fretboard is fine and the frets are showing some minor wear. Its playing nicely but has no gigbag or case.







Left Handed Thunderbird Bass

left handed thunderbird bass

Let us know you would like to join our $1 Deposit Preview & Pay-After-Satisfaction Program You can simply contact our customer service team via the online live help desk or email us, tell us which guitar you’d like to order.
Our customer service will help you to make the Left Handed Thunderbird Bass  Preview Order and send an $1 deposit payment request to your email.

After we receive your $1 deposit, we will start to make the guitar for you. During this period, we will provide the step-by-step flow chart to you.
After the guitar being made, we will make photos and a testing video to show you the complete appearance and the timbre.As soon your complete the final payment, we then arrange the delivery in 24 hours for you.

You are bidding on a custom made left handed Thunderbird replica. This bass was made for me by Frankinstein Guitar Works in Woodstock, ON Canada. As far as I know Gibson never even made a single one of these in a lefty and Epiphone only made them for a short while in the 90’s. If you’re a lefty who’s always wanted to rock out Nikki Sixx style this is your chance.
The body on this is one piece of alder and the neck is maple. The neck is actually a Gibson Les Paul bass neck that the builder grafted a T-Bird headstock onto and is set into the body. Big and chunky rock and roll neck. The colour is “Pelham Blue” and it is a nitro lacquer finish in a matte (almost semi gloss) finish.
The pickups are Bartolini T4CBC (B & T) vintage T-Bird style. These things have more punch than Mike Tyson. The bridge is a Hipshot Super Tone T-Bird model. Made out of brass with tons of sustain.

The tuners are Hipshot Ultralite Clover style with a Hipshot D-Tuner on the E string for quick drop D tuning.

I’m including the original hardshell case which perfectly fits the bass. I’m ALSO throwing in a Ritter T-Bird shaped gig bag so you don’t have to lug the big case around with you on the bus.

I have used this bass so there are some signs of wear and tear especially given the nature of nitro finishes. I’ve tried to take good pictures of the big ones – which are still pretty small. The biggest one to mention is at the top of the neck where the D-Tuner lever comes into contact with the neck. This is cosmetic only and doesn’t interfere with the D-Tuner or the actual structural integrity of the neck. There are a couple of small dings – almost too small to photograph – on the back of the neck as well as a couple on the lower corner of the body.

There is also the typical nitro finish wear in the spot that the strap comes into contact with the body and where I rest my thumb near the bridge pickup. As I understand it the nitrocellulose finish does mark easier than a polyester one but it doesn’t choke the tone at all. And baby, this things got big rock tone!

Thunderbird Bass Gibson

thunderbird gibson bass

My bassist just got a new Thunderbird Bass Gibson and she plays a Squire P bass, So were were talking about new basses. I suggested a Mexican P or J. They’re cheap, they sound good, Theyre easy to find in lefty versions. She said If she was gonna buy a new bass she was gonna save up for something nice and that she didn’t a fender J or P bass. She wanted a Thunderbird.
I don’t know that much about this bass. I know a lot of people say it for pick player, which she is. And that its good for rock (we play thrashy, grindy, metaly hardcore) But I wanted to get some opinions. What do you guys think of the Thunderbird compared to an American J or P bass and just as a bass in general?
When you step onstage with this Gibson 2015 Thunderbird bass guitar, your audience will know that you mean business. Every time you plug this bass guitar in, you’ll experience a growling, fat tone with bold lows and pronounced lower mids that sounds unbelievably smooth, yet punchy. New Alnico V bass pickups with 2 coil tap switches give you a versatile tonal range of deep, grooving low end. At Sweetwater, we were blown away by this bass guitar’s uber-comfortable mahogany/walnut thru neck, and we’re confident that this Gibson 2015 Thunderbird bass guitar will help you push your musical boundaries to (and possibly beyond) their breaking point.
To equip this Gibson 2015 Thunderbird bass guitar with the instantly recognizable thump you’d expect from such a versatile bass, Gibson went with the tried-and-true combination of a mahogany body and a multi-piece mahogany/walnut laminate neck with rosewood fingerboard. This gives you an amazing balance of chest-pounding resonance and the fast response you need to pull off percussive bass lines.

Thunderbird Bass Pickguard

thunderbird bass pickguard

The Thunderbird Bass Pickguard is part of Gibson’s upgraded line of instruments for the year 2015, which introduces multiple new features to many of their popular electric guitar and bass guitar models.

The most notable improvement introduced in the Gibson Thunderbird Bass 2015 is the use of Babicz Full Contact Hardware bridge, a recently developed type of bridge that lets you fully “lock down” the bridge saddles for improved tuning stability, easier adjustments and sustain.

The body of this bass is still the same, built using multi-matched mahogany wood and carved into the distinct Thunderbird shape. However, the official description speaks of improvements in wood selection called “comprehensive wood selection and grading”, where they only use wood that meet the qualities that they are looking for.

The neck receives a bulk of improvements, including a thicker rosewood fretboard and better looking pearl inlays. The playability of the mahogany/walnut neck is improved via smoother sanding and buffing, the fretboard is also oiled to give it a broken-in feel. Gibson also spoke of an updated “comprehensive setup” where they improved the Plek system to have better action and Intonation.

The pickups and electronics were also improved, with the official description saying that the 2015 Thunderbird Bass now has increased tonal Versatility, with eight distinct sounds.

This sonic versatility is made possible by the dual EB Bass Alnico pickups that feature Gibson’s novel “tuned coil tapping” design. These 8 bass tones are selectable via the three-way pickup selector and the two mini toggle switches that sit right below the three control knobs.

Unfortunately, we cannot yet see this “Tuned coil tapping” system at work, because they haven’t released a video demonstration yet. It definitely would be interesting how it applies to the bass, and also to electric guitars.

Gibson provided some details on each of the sound:

Neck pickup: Balanced tone, most bass, mids give some “bark”
Tapped neck pickup: Scoops some mids, rounder sound, retains low end
Bridge pickup: Less low end, more midrange bite
Tapped bridge pickup: Scoops mids, lighter low end, defined highs, good “pop” bass sound
Neck and bridge pickups: Retains strong low end, adds midrange but there’s an apparent slight scoop in the lower mids because the higher and lower frequencies are louder
Tapped neck pickup and bridge pickup: Major scooping around 500Hz-1kHz, good lows, a hint of brightness, lays back in a track
Tapped bridge pickup and neck pickup: Adds some upper mids back in compared to the tapped neck pickup and bridge pickup
Tapped bridge pickup and tapped neck pickup: Like the tapped neck pickup and bridge pickup sound, but adds slightly lower midrange frequencies back in.
Other notable features of the Thunderbird 2015 include the improved contact output jack, which is now more secure, as well as the cables that are now more robust for improved signal strength.