Gibson Thunderbird Studio

gibson thunderbird studio

It was a wild-looking Gibson Thunderbird Studio guitar in ’63 and still is today. This version of the Gibson Thunderbird combines the reverse body and headstock styling of the original with Gibson’s proven set-neck construction. Made in the U.S. of mahogany and equipped with Grover tuners and 2 TB Plus ceramic humbuckers. A classic thumper with a strong alternative vibe. Includes Gibson hardshell case.

This is the 24th bass I have owned so I have alot to compare it to. My numbers may not seem to add up so I will elaborate. Features I gave a 3.5 because it is not a particularly versatile instrument. Passive pickups and no pre-amp means your tone tweaking takes place at the amp. Quality a 4 because mine has a good finish(black)& fretwork. Ive seen some Gibsons with lousy fit & finish tho.Value a 4 cuz it is quite affordable in the scope of pro instruments.4.5 overall cuz for a 1 trick pony it is one helluva trick! If you want warm, fat, growly, and unmistakably cool this is it! Not Hi-Fi like my Peavey Cirrus But thats just an excellent reason to have both! Run it through a tube amp and feel ten feet tall!
The gibson thunderbird occasion’s full body and streamline head stock make it more ballanced and attractive than the t-birdIV but heavyer, a small sacrifice and nothing a good strap can’t fix. Its slender neck lets you get your hand arounded it easily (even if you have small hands like me) and fluidly move around the fret board. This bass is a finger pickers dream the body is an excellent rest for your arm and the two pickups bring you right on top of the strings. Playing on the 1st pickup gives a heavey bassey sound and allows for easier reach between strings, while playing on the 2nd gives a cleaner tone and stability for galloping riffs as the bridge dosen’t make the strings too tense. The two pickups give a massive sound letting you compete with the loudest guitarist. If your an expirienced player on a budget or an intermediate moving on from your first bass I’d highly recomended it. In my oppinion in terms of style qualitly comfort and affordability its the best gibson bass going and one of the best basses on the market

Features of gibson thunderbird gothic :
Made in America
Mahogany body with reversed Thunderbird design
Mahogany neck with rounded profile
Rosewood fretboard with pearloid dots
34″ scale length
20 frets
Corian nut
Chrome hardware
Brass bridge
Grover tuners
2 TB Plus ceramic humbuckers
Controls: 2 volume, 1 tone