Thunderbird Bass Review

Thunderbird Bass Review

I ordered my bag about four days ago and it arrived yesterday morning. It appears to be exactly as advertised and in quality and construction very similar to Roadrunner gig bags that I’ve bought from Guitar Center. Zippers and seams appear durable, or at least as durable as you should expect from a soft gig bag. Not a whole lot of padding but enough to protect your Tbird from basic wear and tear. Of course if you’re not going to be careful with your equipment and really want some protection you should be purchasing the hardshell of Thunderbird Bass Review case.

On the other hand if you’re looking for a reasonably priced gigbag you’ve found the right product. It is available at a very reasonable price, is comparable to other gigbags on the market (No worst than the Roadrunner gigbag I have for my Yamaha), and will likely arrive promptly. The two zipper compartments on the front of the bag are nice, plenty big enough for a few accessories (a couple guitar cables and my Snark pedal fit without any problems), and I’m confident that the shoulder straps on the back of the bag will remain securely attached (they appear sturdy). Assuming there are no technical malfunctions this product (especially considering the pricing and alternatives) is definitely a five star. I’ll be sure to update my review and change ratings if I have any technical issues in the coming weeks.

I bought this bass second hand but it wasn’t really used that much, it was almost new. The bass was made in China, I don’t know the year. It’s a Thunderbird style bass. It has alder body, 34 inch scale length, maple set neck with rosewood fretboard, 20 frets, two passive humbucker pickups, two volume controls and one tone control. The bridge doesn’t look similar to Gibson/Epiphone Thunderbird bridge, but that might be a good thing because I have heard that people don’t like Gibson Thunderbird bridges. I like the way it looks, mine is black which I prefer to sunburst (which is the other available finish).

Featurewise it has all that I need. The only thing I would consider as a downside is the neck heaviness. You’ll get used to it though. Also the neck is pretty big, fat and wide compared to other basses I have tried. It might feel a bit different to play. I don’t consider it as a good or bad thing. I find it easy to play, though slapping on this bass seems harder. I think the neck feels better than my friend’s Squier VM Precision and the Ibanezes (SR300 and GSR200) we have at our school.

Gibson Thunderbird Review

gibson thunderbird review

Although the Gibson Thunderbird Review  visually stays true to auto designer Ray Dietrich’s original vision from the early 1960’s, this current edition has some cutting edge modern appointments. The original mini-humbuckers have been updated to employ high-output ceramic magnets in place of the Alnico originals. These give a brighter tone and higher-output. The banjo tuners have been replaced with gearless Steinberger 40:1 ratio machine heads for extreme tuning precision.

With its nitrocellulose Vintage Sunburst finish and traditional appointments such as the pearloid trapezoid fingerboard inlays, beveled headstock with black central section, and Firebird pickguard motif, today’s Firebird V has all the updates to make this unique looking solid body guitar fly into the modern age.
The Epiphone Thunderbird Pro-V 5-string Bass builds on the illustrious history of the Thunderbird Bass. This new take on the distinctively shaped rock and roll bass combines traditional design elements with new technology at a price any bassist can afford.

Epiphone’s Thunderbird Pro-V Bass has a 7-piece walnut/maple neck with through-body construction for amazing sustain and tone. It also features Epiphone T-Pro bass humbucking pickups with custom active electronics and 2-band EQ to dial in the sound you seek.

It also features Epiphone’s SlimTaper design, which upholds a precise width-to-thickness ratio on the neck. This design provides added comfort and agility when racing through the frets, while not fatiguing your digits.

Building upon the long-term success of the classic Thunderbird bass which has become a virtual institution in pop music, Epiphone introduces the new Professional Series Thunderbird™ PRO. Available in both 4 and 5 string versions, the Thunderbird is the rock and roll bass with the distinctive shape. First released in 1963, the Thunderbird Pro combines traditional design elements with cutting edge technology and all for a price that the working bassist can afford.

Like all of our instruments, the Thunderbird Pro comes with our Limited Lifetime Warranty and Gibson 24/7/365 customer service. Visit your Authorized Epiphone Dealer today and get back to a new future and soar with a Thunderbird Pro from our bass collection.

Gibson Firebird V 2010 Vintage Sunburst Features:
Neck-Through-Body Construction
Solid Mahogany Body
Hybrid ’50s rounded/’60s Slim-taper Neck Profile
Trademark “Firebird” Logo on Pickguard
Gibson High-Output, Ceramic Mini Humbuckers
Steinberger Gearless Tuners