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Gibson Thunderbird Pickups

gibson thunderbird pickups

The Gibson Thunderbird Pickups ’s distinct headstock stays true to Gibson’s industry-changing way of thinking. Like every Gibson headstock, the angled Thunderbird headstock is carved out of the same piece of mahogany as the neck. The angle is carefully set to 14 degrees—instead of the traditional 17 degrees—to accommodate the headstock’s radical contour and to keep pressure on the strings. The headstock’s form ensures straight string pull, which, when combined with the increased string pressure, means there is no loss of string vibration between the corian nut and the tuners, equaling better sustain. Black chrome-plated Grover bass tuners provide the necessary clearance between tuner buttons, allowing for comfortable access and uncomplicated tuning.

No guitar neck profiles are more distinguishable than the neck profiles on the Gibson models of today. The ’60s rounded bass neck profile on the Thunderbird IV is based on the more modern, slim-tapered necks most commonly associated with the Les Paul and SG models of the early 1960s. The neck is machined in Gibson’s rough mill using wood shapers to make the initial cuts. But once the fingerboard gets glued on, the rest—including the final sanding—is done by hand. That means there are no two necks with the exact same dimensions. So while it still has the basic characteristics of its respective profile, each neck will be slightly different, with a distinct but traditional feel.

The pickups on the early Gibson basses of the 1960s remained unchanged for many years, undergoing only minor cosmetic modifications from time to time, but staying true to the originals’ sonic characteristics. The pickups in today’s Thunderbird IV—two vintage-style TB Plus humbuckers—both capture and recreate the classic attributes of those early Gibson basses. The TB plus humbuckers are traditional hum-cancelling bass pickups with ceramic magnets. They are wax potted then filled with epoxy, producing a full frequency, heavy-bottom sound similar to pickups with a passive EQ, and delivering the huge, powerful bass tone the Thunderbird IV is renowned for.

white gibson thunderbird’s innovative three-way adjustable bridge and tailpiece combo is the standard for simplicity and functionality. It provides players with the ability to adjust and fine-tune the height of the Thunderbird IV’s bass strings in all directions—front, back, and side-to-side—which gives the bridge a “floating” feature, thus allowing the bass to be equipped with a variety of string gauges and multiple set-up options.

The gibson thunderbird studio 5-string’s legendary resonance, tone, and sustain is the result of anchoring the bridge directly into the body at its three adjustable points, which provides a firm seating for the strings and yields a strong union between the strings and body. Readily accessible screws make setting the intonation simple and unproblematic. To this day, Gibson’s three-way adjustable bridge remains an industry standard. It is the epitome of form and function in bass guitar bridge design.


Thunderbird Bass Pickups

thunderbird bass pickups

The classic Thunderbird Bass Pickups ! Custom magnets, bobbins, steel base plate and pickup covers made from scratch… essentially the same as the originals with a few improvements. I wind a hotter bridge pickup for better balance, and a very quick wax potting to keep the pickup cover from being overly microphonic (and to ensure the coils don’t become more microphonic over time). It’s clear and smooth, but can also get the trademark growl Thunderbirds are known for. Alnico 5 bar magnets. Nickel is the standard cover, but we have chrome, gold, and black chrome available in limited quantities.The Epiphone Thunderbird Pro-IV bass builds on the illustrious history of the Thunderbird bass. This distinctively shaped rock-and-roll bass combines traditional design elements with new technology at a price any bassist can afford.

Epiphone’s Thunderbird Bass Pickups цена Bass features a 7-piece walnut/maple neck with through-body construction for amazing sustain and tone. It also hass Epiphone T-Pro bass humbucking pickups with custom active electronics and EQ to dial in the bass sound you seek.

It features Epiphone’s SlimTaper design, which upholds a precise width-to-thickness ratio on the neck. This design provides added comfort and agility when racing through the frets, while not fatiguing your digits. Case sold separately.

Features of 1976 gibson thunderbird bass:

7-piece walnut/maple neck
Through-body construction
T-Pro humbucking pickups
Custom active electronics and EQ
Case sold separately
Order now and snag this classic bass for yourself.

Thunderbird Pro-IV Bass
Body Wings: Mahogany
Neck: 7-piece (Alternating Walnut/Maple)
Neck Profile: SlimTaper Bass
Neck Joint: Through-Neck
Truss Rod: Double-Action, 2-way
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Fingerboard Radius: 12″

Frets of 1976 gibson thunderbird bass: 20 medium/jumbo, nickel/silver alloy
Scale Length: 34″
Nut Width: 1.50″
Neck Pickup: Epiphone T-PRO Bass Humbucker
Bridge Pickup: Epiphone T-PRO Bass Humbucker
Bridge: Flush-mount, fully adjustable
Controls: Master Volume, Blend, High-EQ, Low-EQ
Tuners: Premium Die-Cast Bass
Outputs: 1/4″ Mono, Metal Jack Plate
Hardware: Black