Gibson Thunderbird Players

gibson thunderbird players

As the companion to the Gibson Thunderbird Players guitar, the Thunderbird bass saw some changes with its body design during its initial production run. Originally, the Thunderbird’s body was “reversed” with its lower horn sticking out further than its top horn. In 1965, the body was switched to a “non-reversed” configuration. The Thunderbird II had a single humbucker pickup and a 34-inch scale length.
The Thunderbirds distinct headstock stays true to Gibsons industry-changing way of thinking. Like every Gibson headstock, the angled Thunderbird headstock is carved out of the same piece of mahogany as the neck. The angle is carefully set to 14 degreesinstead of the traditional 17 degreesto accommodate the headstocks radical contour and to keep pressure on the strings. The headstocks form ensures straight string pull, which, when combined with the increased string pressure, means there is no loss of string vibration between the corian nut and the tuners, equaling better sustain. Black chrome-plated Grover bass tuners provide the necessary clearance between tuner buttons, allowing for comfortable access and uncomplicated tuning.
No basse gibson thunderbird ‘s neck profiles are more distinguishable than the neck profiles on the Gibson models of today. The 60s rounded bass neck profile on the Thunderbird IV is based on the more modern, slim-tapered necks most commonly associated with the Les Paul and SG models of the early 1960s. The neck is machined in Gibsons rough mill using wood shapers to make the initial cuts. But once the fingerboard gets glued on, the restincluding the final sandingis done by hand. That means there are no two necks with the exact same dimensions. So while it still has the basic characteristics of its respective profile, each neck will be slightly different, with a distinct but traditional feel.

The gibson thunderbird walnut is beautiful. It’s strong, the handle is placed so that it is well balanced, and it has a lock on it. The inside secures the instrument nicely and it also has a utility compartment which stores the bottle of polish and the neck rod adjustment tool that comes with the guitar. I wasn’t real excited about the inside of my case being the color pink, but what the heck, it’s still a Gibson! Ease of Use: The thunderbird’s tonal quality is far superior to the P-bass that I used to play before I bought this bass. I personally find this bass very comfortable and easy to play, but I’m a tall, long armed person. It fits me well. Quality: You have to pick one up for yourself to appreciate it’s craftsmanship. I have no complaints about anything on my bass. I’ve read that the head can crack if it’s dropped, but like anything that I value, I don’t go throwing it around. I feel that it is a sturdy, well made bass. Mine is a beautiful sunburst finish that shines like a new car. I have no problem taking it on the road because of the sturdy case it comes in, and it’s steady on my guitar stand during breaks. If I had to pick a worst aspect of quality, I’d say that the balance is a little neck heavy, but not to a point where it affects playing.



Gibson Thunderbird Studio Bass

gibson thunderbird studio bass

For thundering lows with contemporary punch and presence in a timelessly stylish package, the new Gibson Thunderbird Studio Bass Non-Reverse Bass from Gibson USA can’t be beat. When Gibson changed up the original “Reverse-Bodied” Firebird guitar and Thunderbird bass lines in 1965 to the new “Non-Reverse” design—so called for its more traditional, though still groundbreaking, asymmetrical offset body lines—it created a whole new cult of devotees. The Thunderbird Non-Reverse Bass applies the same radical design sense to the low end, adding cutting-edge hardware and a pair of the four-string world’s best sounding pickups for a package that takes you from rock, to pop, to jazz, to blues, to fusion with equal fluency. The Thunderbird Non-Reverse Bass is a full-sized bass with a scale length of 34″ and the supreme playability you have come to expect from Gibson USA, so lows are as mammoth as you could ever want. This bass is primed for the demands of modern music, and it looks stunning in your choice of Vintage Sunburst or Pelham Blue finish, both in high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer, enhanced by black-plated hardware and solid-black pickup covers.

Like all great Gibson electric guitars, the Thunderbird Non-Reverse Bass starts with select tonewoods, carefully crafted for optimum sonic response. A solid mahogany body is carved in the iconic offset-cutaway style of the legendary 1965 Firebird guitar and Thunderbird bass. It has a glued-in neck made from solid, quarter-sawn mahogany for superior strength and resonance, which is carved in a comfortably rounded and supremely playable profile that measures .860″ at the 1st fret and .960″ at the 12th, with a distinctive four-a-side Thunderbird “beak” headstock. The fingerboard is made from rosewood for a classic look, clear tone, and unprecedented durability. In addition, a hardwearing PLEK-cut Corian™ nut helps to ensure precise intonation, while enhancing sustain and resonance.

Strings are anchored at the body end by a rock-solid three-point Thunderbird bridge with individually adjustable saddles, and high-quality Grover™ tuners at the headstock, all plated in black to match the contemporary look of the Thunderbird Non-Reverse Bass. This solid foundation is amplified through your rig of choice via a pair of contemporary Thunderbird pickups, with ceramic magnets for enhanced punch and clarity, giving the Thunderbird Non-Reverse Bass the power to slam the low end with depth and dynamics like no other bass available. Individual volume controls and a master tone control allow you to blend pickups as desired for a wide range of tones. Put it all together, and it’s a great-playing bass with outstanding power and versatility, and stunning alternative looks to beat anything out there. Check one out today at your authorized Gibson dealer, and see what this mighty slab of alternative low-end can do for your music.

Each Thunderbird Non-Reverse Bass includes a Gibson hardshell case and owner’s manual, and is covered by Gibson’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 Customer Service.


Gibson Thunderbird 5 String Bass

gibson thunderbird 5 string

Nothing beats a booming and emotionally-charged bass tone that moves the music to the next level. Gibson has revealed six new bass guitars for its 2014 lineup, and the new models deliver the kind of sound that fuels the most passionate low-end playing.

The new models include a variety of SG and Thunderbird models and the Midtown Bass, all with many fresh, cutting-edge features. Moreover, since this year marks Gibson’s 120th anniversary, each 2014 model features a special 120th Anniversary banner inlay at the 12th fret.

Take a glance at the full roster of 2014 bass models below, and find more details on the new low-end offerings here.

The Gibson Thunderbird 5 String Bass is the thunderous companion to Gibson’s Firebird guitar and an unbeatable value for such a high-end instrument at $1,999 list. The killer model offers classic Thunderbird styling and nine-ply “through neck” construction, united with two excellent T-Bird Plus bass pickups and a sturdy, three-point adjustable bridge. The heart of the 2014 Thunderbird Bass is the model’s “through neck” construction, with the neck and central body section created from the same rugged nine-ply mahogany and walnut tonewood blank for supreme strength and sustain. This 34-inch scale bass also features a rosewood fingerboard that carries 20 jumbo frets and acrylic pearl dot inlays. Finishes available include Heritage Cherry, Vintage Sunburst, or Walnut finish.

The new SG Special Bass offers lots of low-end drive and character for a low price of just $699 list. The bass is made from solid mahogany in the now-famous double-cutaway SG style, with a glued-in, short-scale mahogany neck carved to a comfortable, slender profile. The 30-inch scale models also offers a rosewood fingerboard with 20 jumbo frets and dot inlays, plus an innovative T-Bird three-point bridge and Grover shamrock tuners. This beauty is available with a variety of finishes: Cherry Stain, Fireburst and Chocolate satin.

The 2014 SG Standard bass offers a range of high-quality features at a price that’s not going to break the bank: $1,399 list. Among that plethora of features are a solid mahogany body, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, Supreme Grip speed knobs, extra large strap button, 30-inch scale, T-Bird Plus and vintage-style T-Bird mini pickups, Grover shamrock-style tuners, gloss lacquer and 3-point adjustable bridge. Finishes available include Heritage Cherry and Walnut.

Gibson Thunderbird Bass Guitar

Gibson Thunderbird Bass Guitar

A super clean 2013 Gibson Thunderbird IV Vintage Sunburst Electric Bass Guitar. A real workhorse of a bass that delivers classic bass tones for any style of music!

Get big bass tone, with Gibson’s Thunderbird IV solidbody electric bass. The instantly recognizable Thunderbird body lets everyone in the audience know you mean business. A mahogany body with mahogany/walnut laminate neck gives you the deep, grooving bass tones you need to really lay down the low end. Ceramic-magnet pickups provide fat tone that are perfect for any gig. With its killer blend of tonewoods, ceramic pickups, and rock-solid hardware, you’ll find yourself pushing your style to the limits when you play a Gibson Thunderbird IV electric bass.

Cosmetic Condition: Used in near mint condition! The guitar is all original with no play wear and neck is straight. Truss rod has been tested and is fully functioning.Features: Nitrocellulose finish, Mahogany Body, Mahogany/Walnut neck, Rosewood fretboard, 34″ scale, 12″ radius, Grover bass tuners, 1.6″ nut width, 3-point Thunderbird bridge.Electronics: Dual Thunderbird Humbucker pickups. Gibson designed these pickups with ceramic magnets to give you punch and clarity!

Playability/Sound: Very resonant and balanced with great clarity and plenty of warm smooth bass! A comfortable playing neck with easy to play low action.Case: Plush-lined Original hardshell case with black exterior, owner’s manual and truss-rod wrench included.


Gibson Thunderbird Nikki Sixx

Gibson Thunderbird Nikki Sixx

If you love Gibson Thunderbird Nikki Sixx louder than Hell, Epiphone’s Nikki Sixx Blackbird electric bass guitar is the axe for you. A pair of DeepSixx humbuckers give it thunderous output, especially since they are wired direct and have an on/off toggle as the only control. There’s no volume knob—it’s either full on or turned off. Another innovative feature is the Opti-Grab device which lets you solidly anchor your hand while picking at the bridge to get that hard drive. Black finish, black hardware, black pickguard, and iron cross inlays give it the signature Sixx look.

Mahogany body
Bolt-on hard maple neck with slim taper profile
Rosewood fretboard with iron cross inlays
20 frets
DeepSixx humbucking pickups
Opti-Grab device
On/Off toggle
Black hardware
Die-cast tuners

• Kim Gordon: Sonic Youth co-leader Gordon has gotten some of the nastiest and most uncompromising sounds to ever come from a bass out of her battle scarred 1976 Gibson Thunderbird. Since her divorce from that band’s Thurston Moore and the 2011 announcement of Sonic Youth’s hiatus, Gordon has gone on to play her Thunderbird across the world’s stages in a duo with drummer Ikue Mori and moved to guitar for her new band Body/Head.

• Mike Watt: The prince of punk rock bass, Watt has long been associated with his weathered non-reverse Thunderbird II, which still bears a sticker from his first notable band the Minutemen. With its custom bone nut and Chandler replacement Thunderbird pickups, Watt also wielded this bass during his Firehose years and it was his exclusive instrument for his solo album Contemplating the Engine Room.

• Adam Clayton: The U2 bassist has two vintage Thunderbird II basses in his touring and recording racks. Both are from the ’60s and have single pickups, and the later model, likely built between 1966 and 1969, appears notably — along with the Edge’s with Les Paul Custom — in the official video for “The Fly.”


Gibson Thunderbird For Sale

gibson thunderbird for sale

The coolest things about the Gibson Thunderbird For Sale are its sound and its look. This instrument, which the company began building in 1963, immediately established itself as a growling low-end rock machine, putting sonic thunder into classic recordings by the Who and, later, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Nirvana, among many others. And like its higher voiced sister, the Gibson Firebird guitar, the instrument’s fine lines were designed by Raymond Dietrich, whose work for automakers Chrysler, Lincoln and Checker explains its bold curves and fins.

Let’s take a look at this great bass — which is having a renaissance year thanks to the 2014 Thunderbird model recently introduced by Gibson USA — and 10 of the best bassists who’ve used the Thunderbird to take the sonic low road to fame.

• John Entwistle: The images of Entwistle plucking magic from his two 1964 Thunderbirds are among the most indelible in bass history. Although Keith Moon accidentally destroyed one of his T-birds, the other was sold at auction for nearly $50,000 in 2003. Check out Quadrophenia and The Who By Numbers to hear Entwistle making his ’Bird sing in classic form.

• Gene Simmons: The KISS Army’s general has played many basses over the decades, but from 1974 to ’77 he was a Gibson endorser with Grabbers and Thunderbirds in his arsenal. His ebony finished Thunderbird made many appearances during KISS’ 1977 tour supporting the releases of Rock ‘n’ Roll Over and Love Gun.

• Tom Hamilton: Listen to the beginning of Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion.” That’s Hamilton playing one of the Thunderbirds that helped him formulate the band’s durable sound on its classic early albums Toys in the Attic and Get Your Wings.

• Tom Petersson: Pop die-hard Petersson not only used his 1964 Thunderbird on seminal recordings by Cheap Trick, he had it refinished as a tribute to one of his favorite artists, the great John Lennon. Petersson’s Thunderbird III sports a paint job inspired by the psychedelic look of the Gibson J-160 acoustic guitar Lennon used on the famed 1967 “All You Need is Love” satellite broadcast.

• Jared Followill : It isn’t just classic rockers who depend on the Thunderbird. The Kings of Leon bassist is also a ’Bird man — especially on stage. His testimonial: “I’ve used a few different basses over the years, but I’m pretty horrible when it comes to knowledge on the technical side of things. I basically started playing a Thunderbird because Gibson sent me a free one. I tried it out for one show, and it happened to be a really amazing show — it sounded great, and our soundman was really pleased. Because of its longer scale, it was a lot harder to play than my EB-3 — which I could just rip on — but in time I got used to it. It was a difficult transition, but it sounded better, and it ultimately made me a stronger player. It had clearer highs and lows, and I could get a certain crunch that was missing with the EB-3.”

• Krist Novoselic: The Gibson Ripper was Novoselic’s main bass through his years with Nirvana until he settled on the Thunderbird IV in the band’s last months. Novoselic was so enamored with the T-bird design that he celebrated the 20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s Nevermind by creating the Krist Novoselic Signature RD Bass with Gibson. The instrument follows the essential curves of the Thunderbird IV

Gibson Thunderbird Pickguard

gibson thunderbird pickups

I’ve been dabbling with Gibson Thunderbird Pickguard  guitar/bass repair for years out of necessity and I’ve always wanted to try my hand at refinishing a bass, but I’ve never had the right candidate to practice on… until now.

A Czech-made clone of a 1965.5 to 69 Gibson Thunderbird bass (referred to as the “non-reverse” body style) came into my life and immediately captured my interest. These basses were custom-made based on measurements, photos, and tracings taken from an original Gibson non-reverse Thunderbird. I generally don’t go out of my way for a copy, but this one is pretty remarkable.

My primary gigging bass these days is a scruffy old ’76 Thunderbird, and I was impressed (amazed) by how closely this one nailed the distinctive sound and feel of the “real” Thunderbird. The dimensions of the skinny neck and thin body, the shape of the set neck heel, the break angle at the headstock, the position of the controls and jack, and the repro bridge assembly… everything together yielded an almost dead-ringer copy of an original (which is relatively scarce; only a few hundred ever produced; never reissued).

The Goth Thunderbird Bass puts a new twist on an old favorite and with a Pitch Black finish, becomes the black diamond of the Goth collecton. The Thunderbird first issued from the legendary Kalamazoo factory in 1963 was for a time the only bass available from Gibson or Epiphone. But really, what else could you need? The Thunderbird’s unique “reversed” zig-zag body design and equally distinct headstock was the brainchild of legendary automotive designer and visionary Ray Dietrich, who was enlisted by the Kalamazoo factory to bolster the guitar lines of the early ’60s and help solidify the factory’s eminent rank among solidbody electric guitar manufacturers. The Thunderbird bass was quickly embraced by rock and rollers in the States and in England and Europe, and today is still the ultimate rock and roll low end machine. Building upon the long-term success of the classic Thunderbird, Epiphone introduces the Goth ThunderbirdTM IV for serious rockers only.

Like all of our instruments, the Goth Thunderbird-IV comes with our Limited Lifetime Warranty and Gibson 24/7/365 customer service. Visit your Authorized Epiphone Dealer today and get back to a new future soar with a Thunderbird Pro from our bass collection

Gibson Thunderbird Ebony

Gibson Thunderbird Ebony

The new Gibson Thunderbird Ebony powered articulates the rich timbre of the tonewoods exquisitely pickups fitted in the middle and bridge positions. Control comes in the form of individual volume pots for each pickup, and a master tone control. The fat yet controlled output of these beauties is staggering, offering a weighty blast that can be tempered using the control pots. In addition to the controls there are two coil-tap switches, furthering the already incredible tonal versatility offered by this heavenly instrument. By tweaking the individual pickup volume controls, and master tone, a wide variety of tones from big, full and earth shaking, to punchy and articulate can be created.

The new full contact three-point bridge is very easy to adjust, and provides a stable anchor point for each string whilst maintaining intonation. No matter how aggressively you attack the strings, you can rest assured that this workhorse will back you up every step of the way.To top things off, a Gibson hard case is included to keep your Thunderbird protected, wherever your music may take you.

The Gibson USA 2015 Thunderbird electric bass guitar is a masterful partnership of power and versatility. Whether you’re a graceful fingerboard wizard, or prefer to play at full throttle throughout every gig, the Thunderbird matches everyone’s playing style. Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned pro, you’ll wonder how you ever got this far without one.

Professional set up-Accurate intonation, new PLEK program, 27% lower fret wire
Smoother sanded/buffed fingerboard with new oil treatment,One piece thicker rosewood fingerboard,Pearl inlays return on all product,More robust cables change from 28 awg to 26 awg for improved signal.

New improved jack design for uninterrupted signal/No Satin or Vintage Gloss finishes : All sku’s will be gloss lacquer/New removable LP pick guard with no screws needed/In honor of Les Paul’s 100th birthday all LP and SG guitars will carry the 100 logo on the headstock ,Les Paul Hologram-For authenticity and a tribute to the man .


Gibson Thunderbird Black

gibson thunderbird black

To equip the 50th Anniversary Gibson Thunderbird Black with the instantly recognizable thump you’d expect from a versatile bass, Gibson went with the tried-and-true combination of a mahogany body and a 3-piece mahogany neck-through design topped with a rosewood fingerboard. This gives you an amazing balance of chest-pounding resonance, the fast response you need to pull off percussive bass lines, and epic sustain. And thanks to its narrow 1.6″ nut, you don’t have to have massive hands to rock out with a 50th Anniversary Thunderbird Bass.

Bass humbuckers deliver earth-shaking bass tone Gibson Thunderbird Black
For absolutely massive bass tone, the Gibson 50th Anniversary Thunderbird Bass comes with a pair of T-Bird Plus humbuckers. Gibson designed these pickups with ceramic magnets to give you punch and clarity. The rest of the band will love your bass’s driving punch and tight bottom end, which lets you drive home the rhythm without drowning out the stage. You’ll keep the band rocking all night with the Gibson 50th Anniversary Thunderbird Bass.

The Gibson 2015 Thunderbird Electric Bass Guitar offers what most bassists crave: incredible style and sustain. The 9-ply multi-laminate neck goes right through to the bridge, letting notes ring uniterrupted by neck joints and shims. Electronics benefit from Gibson’s new Alnico V pickups that offer humless performance and coil-tapping switches for expanded tones to match any musical genre. This Thunderbird features all of the 2015 updates including an improved bridge and smoother fingerboard. Comes with hardshell case.

All 2015 Gibson models benefit from some important upgrades:
G-Force on all guitars except LP Supreme, Firebird and Derek Trucks SG
Zero Fret Nut- Patent applied for nut with adjustable action
New wider neck and fingerboard (.050 per side) for increased playing comfort
New tune-o-matic bridge featuring hex wrench adjustment on thumbscrews for easy action adjustments

The Gibson USA 2015 Thunderbird electric bass guitar delivers the awesome features we’ve come to expect from this enigmatic model, alongside with some new appointments that make it even better than ever.

A feature of the Thunderbird’s design that sets it apart from many other basses, is its thru-neck construction, giving greater length for the strings to resonate along and generate miles of sustain that adds to its uncompromising power. The 2015 model retains this with a maple and walnut laminated neck-thru construction, shaped to a comfortable rounded profile that allows you to glide along it effortlessly. A rosewood fingerboard – set to a beefy 34″ scale length – is married to the neck, adorned with dot position inlays to help guide your way. Each side of the neck is fitted with mahogany, body ‘wings’. The combination of the neck and body tonewoods provides a solid platform for the instrument’s ‘thunderous’ tone. The Thunderbird’s distinctive lines are finished in a sublime vintage sunburst.

Gibson Thunderbird 5 String

gibson thunderbird 5 string

Payment must be received in 7 days, or Buyer Must notify Seller to make other arrangements via Email or negative feedback will be left and item be relisted.Negative or Zero feedback bidders please contact me first or your bid will be withdrawn.Items are shipped via Japan Post Office from Japan. Customers are responsible for all applicable taxes, customs and duties associated with importing the item(s), this is in addition to the delivery charge. If anyone requires a particular photo please ask and it will be taken and posted with the others.

Payment must be received in 7 days, or Buyer Must notify Seller to make other arrangements via Email or negative feedback will be left and item be relisted.Negative or Zero feedback bidders please contact me first or your bid will be withdrawn.Items are shipped via Japan Post Office from Japan. Customers are responsible for all applicable taxes, customs and duties associated with importing,this is in addition to the delivery charge. If anyone requires a particular photo please ask and it will be taken and posted with the others.

Nikki Sixx is one of the most important and most iconic musicians of the hair/glam metal scene. Together with the Motley Crue, Nikki has raised hell all over the world and has created some of the most popular anthems of glam metal, wild lifestyle and rock`n`roll. Throughout his career, Nikki Sixx has played many different basses, but has always returned to the Thunderbird. Recently, Gibson has released his signature model. It is a solid and single-cut four-stringer with neck-through construction. Wings of the body are made of maple and are glued onto the walnut/mahogany neck. Hardtail bridge on the top is fronted with a pair of active humbuckers. Mahogany/walnut neck on this model is topped with a 20-fret fingerboard made of ebony.

Gibson Thunderbird 5 String ‘s 50th Anniversary Thunderbird solidbody electric bass gives you the instantly recognizable Thunderbird mojo dressed to impress in shimmering gold. A mahogany body with an ultra-stable 3-piece mahogany neck that ends at the back strap button gives you the deep, grooving bass tones that rumble on for eons. Special T-Bird Plus ceramic-magnet pickups seriously beef up your tone too, without letting your bottom end swamp out the rest of the band. With its killer blend of tonewoods, ceramic and rock-solid hardware, you’ll find yourself pushing your style to the limits when you play a Gibson 50th Anniversary Thunderbird electric bass.