Gibson Thunderbird Bass Review

gibson thunderbird review

Gibson USA 2011 Thunderbird Short Scale. 20 frets short scale neck very similar to the Gibson Standard Bass neck profile. Has a set neck instead of the standard Neck through design of the original T-Bird with a Mahogany body and Neck with Rosewood Fretboard. Satin black finish with black hardware and White pickguard it has the classic Gibson 3 point bridge and passive pickups 1 tone and 2 Volume knobs, and T-Bird Pups. Gibson Thunderbird Hardcase. Overall a Light and simpler made Version of the Original T-Bird love it!. // 10

Sound of gibson thunderbird bass black : The sound is very similar to the standard Thunderbird though not as big probably b/c of the short scale set neck and the one piece body it sounds a bit lighter. It’s a good Metal and Hard Rock bass and has a very distinctive sound I mainly use it Through a Orange Bass amp and the Thunderbird really brings the thunder with a Gainy mid boost setting to get the full growl I often use a Fender Sub-lime Bass fuzz pedal and a fuzz/distortion/overdive pedal just brings more goodness to the game if you ask me. Small bass, Big sound. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Came set up good, no fret buss and did’nt need adjustment the only issue I had was the bridge pickup was too loose and would rock back and forth resulting in a chipped finish, me no like. I have a bad feeling that the finish is made a bit cheap and easily gets scratches because it seems like a thin layer of paint. // 8

Reliability & Durability of gibson thunderbird bass price: Haven’t had the Chance to throw it around so much yet, other than my retardo drummer droppin it in it’s case twice with no damage. Sturdy made bass like the original it’s a tank. And for the love of god the kamikaze neck dive of the original T-Bird is gone and the strap button is on the backside instead of the top side standard position. // 9

Overall Impression: I play Stoner/70’s hard rock and some metal, and the bass covers it all very well it’s made to rock. I have had a Epiphone Thunderbird an Epi EB-0 and a Gibson Standard bass and if you like me, Love the T-Bird sound but also have a thing for short scale basses the short scale t bird is a natural choice. If it broke or got stolen I’d track the bastard down and do unpleasant things to him or buy a new one although Gibson only have made 400 of this model.