Gibson Thunderbird 5 String

gibson thunderbird 5 string

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Payment must be received in 7 days, or Buyer Must notify Seller to make other arrangements via Email or negative feedback will be left and item be relisted.Negative or Zero feedback bidders please contact me first or your bid will be withdrawn.Items are shipped via Japan Post Office from Japan. Customers are responsible for all applicable taxes, customs and duties associated with importing,this is in addition to the delivery charge. If anyone requires a particular photo please ask and it will be taken and posted with the others.

Nikki Sixx is one of the most important and most iconic musicians of the hair/glam metal scene. Together with the Motley Crue, Nikki has raised hell all over the world and has created some of the most popular anthems of glam metal, wild lifestyle and rock`n`roll. Throughout his career, Nikki Sixx has played many different basses, but has always returned to the Thunderbird. Recently, Gibson has released his signature model. It is a solid and single-cut four-stringer with neck-through construction. Wings of the body are made of maple and are glued onto the walnut/mahogany neck. Hardtail bridge on the top is fronted with a pair of active humbuckers. Mahogany/walnut neck on this model is topped with a 20-fret fingerboard made of ebony.

Gibson Thunderbird 5 String ‘s 50th Anniversary Thunderbird solidbody electric bass gives you the instantly recognizable Thunderbird mojo dressed to impress in shimmering gold. A mahogany body with an ultra-stable 3-piece mahogany neck that ends at the back strap button gives you the deep, grooving bass tones that rumble on for eons. Special T-Bird Plus ceramic-magnet pickups seriously beef up your tone too, without letting your bottom end swamp out the rest of the band. With its killer blend of tonewoods, ceramic and rock-solid hardware, you’ll find yourself pushing your style to the limits when you play a Gibson 50th Anniversary Thunderbird electric bass.