Thunderbird Bass Body

thunderbird bass body

Welcome to our auctions! We have up for auction a beautiful handcrafted and unfinished Thunderbird Bass Body Style Bass guitar body. The body is constructed from solid alder and topped with a raised center portion. It has been rounded over on top and back. It has not been routed. I will route P’s, J’s, or Musicman style pickups upon winning bidders request. The neck pocket is 2 1/2” wide and 5/8” deep. A Warmoth or similar neck of vintage gibson thunderbird bass would work well with this body. This is not a turnkey project some sanding and prep work maybe required before final finishing. Buyer pays flat shipping and handling of $20 continental U.S. Insurance is extra and optional. All others must contact us for shipping charges. International bidders must use Paypal. Please email with any questions before bidding. All bidders with zero feedback or a negative for non payment need to contact us prior to bidding. Please check out my other auctions I have other body styles available. Good luck bidding and don’t forget to add me to your favorite sellers list. *Note: No finish or oils have been used on this body. It has been dampened with Naphtha to highlight the figuring.

The wiring under the jack plate needed fixing only a few months into using it. It was not an expensive repair ($40) and I chalked it up to its budget price. Also, it would’ve been free under warranty if I’d bothered to find an authorized Epiphone repair shop.The bass is neck heavy. It weighs down your fretting hand more than a normal bass. This can make it tiring to play until you build up your muscles a bit. So for beginners, keep it in mind and don’t be discouraged.

It’s also large. The neck  of 2015 gibson thunderbird is a standard length, but the headstock and body create a larger instrument. For smaller players, it may be too unwieldy. Put a strap on it and see what you look like in a mirror. You might look/feel dwarfed if you’re under say… 5’5″.

But! The tone is perfectly fine. It’s loud. It’s easy to play. It feels good and the body of the bass itself feels extremely well made.And of course, it looks incredibly cool on stage. 🙂 So if you’re okay with the size and weight, it’s a super-fun beginner bass.