Thunderbird Bass Sale


The Thunderbird Bass, first issued from the legendary Kalamazoo factory in 1963, was for a time the only bass available from Gibson or Epiphone. But really, what else could you need? The Thunderbirds unique reversed zig-zag body design and equally distinct headstock was the brainchild of legendary automotive designer and visionary Ray Dietrich who was enlisted by the Kalamazoo factory to bolster the electric guitar line and help solidify the factorys eminent rank among solidbody electric guitar manufacturers. The Thunderbird bass was quickly embraced by rock and rollers in the States, the UK, and Europe and today, is still the ultimate rock and roll low-end machine. Building upon the long-term success of the classic Thunderbird, Epiphone introduces the Thunderbird IV.

The great sound and look of the classic thunderbird bass 2015• Alder body with 20-fret, 34″ maple neck and rosewood fingerboard,• 2-TB-Plus humbuckers, 2 volume, and 1 tone.The Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass has a classic shape and a great sound. This streamlined design is based on Gibson’s original model. 2 humbucking pickups. Volume and tone controls. Alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard. Limited lifetime warranty.

Yes the Sterling has decent hardware and plays very very well. But the active pickup is way to crisp….not my cup of tea. I’m a passive fan. The Sterling looks esentually like a strat which to me looks goofy. The finish on them is also pretty poor. The mint green is very light…no where near as dark as fenders surf green. The walnut color is ok, but mohagany is pretty boring to look at especially since the finish is mat.

This gibson 2015 thunderbird bass however is fantastic. The finish looks great and the pick ups are good too. I’ve been told the bass is a rock bass, but with the diverse range of tones I made on mine you could easily play jazz or country if you wanted…..even metal.Mine didn’t have fret buzz but i have a feeling I just got lucky.The hardware is black (not a fan) but the quality seems to be better cuz they went with a cheaper finish. Though the tuners seam kinda iffy. Stays in tune though.

No neck dive either. Not sure what ppl are talking about. The Gibson does, but this bolt on neck epiphone is very balanced. It’s plenty comfortable to sit down and play too.My dream is a rickenbacker,…..but I don’t have that kinda money lol. This is probably the most affordable good sounding wierd looking bass out there.

Classic design
Alder body (Mahogany on Silverburst finish)
34″ scale
Maple neck
Rosewood fingerboard
20 frets
2 TB-Plus humbuckers
2 volume and 1 tone
Chrome hardware
Polyurethane finish

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