Nikki Sixx Thunderbird Bass

Nikki Sixx Thunderbird Bass

Handcrafted in China (but don’t let that put you off), it’s got 20 frets with a scale of 34 inches. The body is a thunderbird style which is most prefered by Nikki Sixx. The body of Nikki Sixx Thunderbird Bass  is made of Mahogany wood and the neck Hard Maple with a Rosewood fingerboard with Iron cross inlays. Two DeepSIXX humbuckers, with a killswitch, which is the only control on the bass. No volume control, no tone controls, no pickups Switch, just one kill switch. It’s also got an Opti-Grab thing which is used for keeping the bass balanced whilst playing. The bass came with a case and a leather DSL strap. There aren’t many features but this allows for the raw ballsy tone which this bass possesses.

Sound: This bass is built for rock n’ roll. If your looking to play anything else then you better off getting another bass. It has a very ballsy raw deep sound which is meant for the rock n’ roll sound, due to the DeepSIXX pickups which were designed by the preferences of Nikki Sixx. It is incredibly loud compared to any other bass due to the killswitch only control which sends it from zero to full blast with a flick of a Switch. The thing which is a negative about this bass is the lack of versatility. But if you want that fixed sound which is perfect for rock n’ roll then look no further.

This guitar is very solid. Everything on it seems it would last a lifetime. I think it would withstand heavy live playing. The only is that it tends to neck dive quite easily which is a real let down. It is extrememly neck heavy which is due to the strap buttons being place in the wrong position. I will fix that later on. I would depend on this any day without a backup, it is just such a solid guitar. The finish is quite nice, it feels good and looks good to. The matte finish feels like it would last quite a while compared to most other matte finish while feel very brittle.

The bass is made for my style of music, pure ROCK N’ ROLL! I don’t really play any other style so it doesn’t bother me with the lack of versatility. I know others will bagg this bass out for not having the versatility but I don’t really want anything more, this bass is perfect for me for the price. I just wish that this bass didn’t neck dive as its really uncomfortable to play at times but its just something I’m just going to have to get use to. I really love the sound of the pickups, they just sound so great for my style and I also really like the look of it, it’s just got the “Looks That Kill”.

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