Thunderbird Gibson Bass

thunderbird gibson bass

Alnico Thunderbird Gibson Bass pickups deliver a fat, thundering rumble Blending genuine Alnico V rod magnets with their own proprietary winding methods, Gibson has ensured that this Gibson 2015 Thunderbird bass guitar will give you all of the punch and clarity that you can handle. Sporting a pair of 2-coil tap switches, this bass guitar provides you with everything from a thundering humbucker rumble to a gutsy single-coil thump.

Gibson’s 4 Cs plan ensures top-quality components
When buying diamonds, there are 4 characteristics that are used to grade or select the stones. These are known as the 4 Cs: carat, cut, clarity, and color. Gibson has implemented a similar system to grade their guitars’ components: weight, top contour, grain structure/purity, and grain figure/depth. By putting this system into action, Gibson can ensure that all of their guitars are built using top-grade materials.

Mahogany body and neck give you a warm, rich tone New Alnico V bass pickups with 2 coil tap switches give you a versatile tonal range of deep, grooving low end
New chrome 3-point full-contact adjustable bridge and Grover Shamrock tuners for tuning stability Gloss lacquer finish for a stunning appearance ,Gibson’s 4 Cs plan ensures top-quality components .

Because most of the guitars we are selling here are not ready made products, so if this is the first time you deal with us, you might not familiar with us and confident with our products. In this case, we proudly offer an $1 Deposit Preview & Pay-After-Satisfaction Program for you. Just as its name implies, you only pay $1 deposit, we will take your order. The guitar will take 5-15 working days to make, you will get photographing for the full overall process, also a testing video of your fresh made guitar. You are able to commune with us and rectify any thing you don’t satisfied during its making. After all, you only need to make the residual payment before we send it out.

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