Thunderbird Bass Gibson

thunderbird gibson bass

My bassist just got a new Thunderbird Bass Gibson and she plays a Squire P bass, So were were talking about new basses. I suggested a Mexican P or J. They’re cheap, they sound good, Theyre easy to find in lefty versions. She said If she was gonna buy a new bass she was gonna save up for something nice and that she didn’t a fender J or P bass. She wanted a Thunderbird.
I don’t know that much about this bass. I know a lot of people say it for pick player, which she is. And that its good for rock (we play thrashy, grindy, metaly hardcore) But I wanted to get some opinions. What do you guys think of the Thunderbird compared to an American J or P bass and just as a bass in general?
When you step onstage with this Gibson 2015 Thunderbird bass guitar, your audience will know that you mean business. Every time you plug this bass guitar in, you’ll experience a growling, fat tone with bold lows and pronounced lower mids that sounds unbelievably smooth, yet punchy. New Alnico V bass pickups with 2 coil tap switches give you a versatile tonal range of deep, grooving low end. At Sweetwater, we were blown away by this bass guitar’s uber-comfortable mahogany/walnut thru neck, and we’re confident that this Gibson 2015 Thunderbird bass guitar will help you push your musical boundaries to (and possibly beyond) their breaking point.
To equip this Gibson 2015 Thunderbird bass guitar with the instantly recognizable thump you’d expect from such a versatile bass, Gibson went with the tried-and-true combination of a mahogany body and a multi-piece mahogany/walnut laminate neck with rosewood fingerboard. This gives you an amazing balance of chest-pounding resonance and the fast response you need to pull off percussive bass lines.

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